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Contact Info

YES Buisness Center
Al Barsha 1,
Behind Mall of the Emirates
P.O.Box : 125341

Office Tel : +971 4 4204033
Office Fax : +971 4 4204034

ORN : 11842
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Our Services

We provide the following services:

  • Service for buyers and sellers
  • Service for leasing

We make the process of buying a property in Dubai easy:


Buying your dream home is in most cases a tedious task and more of a longing than it is reality. Dubai property market is complex with so many projects in the offering and with so many considerations all the details can be overwhelming. 

We will sit down with you, listen to what you want, not what we think you’d like. We will search and purchase your dream home without you worrying about a thing. 

You can be certain that with our experience and comprehensive knowledge of the property market, you will be living in your dream home sooner than you ever imagined. 


In RCH Real Estate we understand that purchasing an investment property means that not only do you want the best property for your investment, but you want a dedicated staff to steer you in the right direction. If you wish to purchase an investment property we have specialists covering:

  • Off the plan investments; 
  • Investment units; 
  • Houses suitable as investments; 
  • Commercial properties; 


RCH Real Estate offer commercial property purchase and leasing service covering the whole of the Dubai area. 

Whether you are looking for a property for your own use, or an investment, contact us and we will help you.

Purchasing from overseas 

Just because you are currently living abroad, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on purchasing property. We have had years of experience purchasing properties for clients who are currently living overseas. 

Once your property has been purchased we can then assist you with managing the property in your absence to ensure your money is working hard for you in your absence. 

Property Management

Once you have bought your property it is important to make the most of it. 

RCH Real Estate will give you detailed advice on leasing your property whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. 

Mentioned below is the list of process we follow for buying and selling:

  1. After meeting with you, Buyer’s check will construct a brief of your requirements ensuring that they are achievable and will start to look for properties which match your brief. 
  2. We will inspect the properties on your behalf, saving you the travel time and exhaustion of open days.
  3. We will provide an assessment of value on the properties of your choice; we provide market appraisals of properties and expected ROI for our clients on request.
  4. We will negotiate directly with the agent and/or owner on your behalf.
  5. We will help you find the most appropriate finance customized to suit you. 
  6. We take responsibility of the complete documentation as required by the government authorities and give complete assistance to our clients till handover.

    We follow the sale from purchase to settlement, Registration of the property and all paperwork is our responsibility.
  7. We will organize building inspection, pest, survey and engineering reports.
  8. We also organize for all kind of maintenance work for your unit.    
  9. At all times we will adapt our services to suit your requirements.

Check list for buyers

Checklist of matters for the Buyer to consider and investigate:

  1. Is the purchase price fair: Have you house-hunted sufficiently to feel qualified to judge and, if not, have you seen the RERA appraisal or hired an appraiser to determine the fair market value? 
  2. Examine the Seller`s old title deed in the exceptions section to determine whether any restrictions of record are offensive to you or to determine whether any easements interfere with your planned use of the property 
  3. Check with the City Planning Department on zoning in the area and whether any assessments are planned for the future. 
  4. Check with the society or concerned government bodies to determine the amount of assessments outstanding that you are assuming and water bill is paid at closing from Seller`s proceeds. 
  5. Satisfy yourself that no major improvements have been made on the property within the last eight months; if so, that they are all paid for (labor, materials and contractors). 
  6. Be certain the Sellers are over 21, that they are competent, and that they do not have a poor reputation.
  7. Check to see that any mortgage assumed is in the amount stated. 
  8. Question anyone living on the property, other than the Seller, to determine his rights in the property (e.g., in regard to prepaid rent or leases, etc.). 
  9. Have earnest money held by the Seller`s attorney or broker--not by the Seller--and do not deliver earnest money until you have a contract. 
  10. Be sure that all items of movable property being sold (e.g., range, refrigerator, cooler, curtains, rugs, TV antennas, etc.) are spelled out in the contract to pass with purchase. 
  11. Is there a termite problem? Are there sewers over adjacent property? Are there paths or roads or pipelines used by others over the property? 
  12. Have you agreed and is it specified in the contract how payment is to be made for title deed, transfer fees, charges to prepare the contract, and mortgage assignment charges?  
  13. When the papers are ready, have your attorney examine them. You should have your attorney examine the Contract BEFORE YOU SIGN IT.
  14. The purchaser should consider having the home inspected for structural integrity, functioning of cooling, plumbing and electrical systems, for aluminum wiring, for radon gas, asbestos, lead in paint

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

Check list for sellers

  1. Sale price: Is the sale price fair? If you have not watched the market enough to feel qualified to judge, have you had an appraisal or hired a local appraiser to make an appraisal for you?Are you in a hot or speculative real estate market? 
  2. Qualification of Buyer: Be certain that all Buyers are over 21 and have a good reputation. 

After sales service

After completing the purchase of your home, the RCH Real Estate team will assist you with a complete After-Sales service in order to make moving into your new house a hassle free experience.

RCH Real Estate is pleased to present you the best selection of affiliated companies in all fields, to ensure that you receive the best and most reliable service available.

  • Legal advice 
  • Insurance 
  • Financial service 
  • Organization of house staff 
  • Property managment 
  • Constructors 
  • Craftsmen 
  • Electrical installation 
  • Sanitary installation 
  • Interior design 
  • Security